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Here at Preuveneers LLP, Solicitors and Notaries, we dedicate our time and expertise to assisting you with your legal and notarial needs. Regardless of the formality due to be overseen, our knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy team of Notaries are on hand to oversee any document signings, legal affairs and draw up a number of contracts and deeds where necessary. Whatever your requirement, we can provide a professional Notary to assist.

Preuveneers LLP is a long-standing firm established in 1978. We have grown from strength to strength and offer a wide range of legal and Notary London services for private clients and small businesses alike. If you have to sign a legal document for another country, it will not be valid unless you sign it in front of a Notary Public. We have a Notary in our office, who can Notarise documents which need to be sent anywhere overseas.

Contact The Notary Public SATBIR KAUR SETHI at or speak to the Notary on 020 8646 4885.

What Do I Need To Know About Notary London Services?

There are a number of legal requirements associated with Notary London services as there is with any legal activity across the globe. Here at Preuveneers LLP, we make sure that all of our activity is fully within regulation and legal guidelines, so you can rest assured you are receiving aid from a Notary you can trust.

ID Check And Formalities

The law obliges us to confirm the identity and address of every person whose signature we Notarise and we need to keep a copy of such evidence for our records. You will be asked to provide your current Passport, or a Photo Driving Licence and Counterpart in place of your Passport. You will also be asked to provide a recent bank or credit card statement, together with the corresponding bank card or a utility bill in your name, confirming your residential address.

If you do not have some or all of the documents requested, please call the Notary who will discuss other options available to you.


If you are signing a document on behalf of a business, the Notary will need to see evidence of your authority to sign the document on behalf of the company, e.g. by way of a Board Resolution. Directors of the company often have automatic authority by virtue of their office, but ‘managers’ do not. Please note that directors often intend to sign a Power of Attorney on behalf of the company, but to sign in their personal capacity. This is not possible as the company cannot delegate their own powers to directors without a Board Resolution. All corporate power of attorneys must be executed by the company itself in accordance with its Articles of Association (or similar constitution for foreign companies).

It may be necessary for the Notary to carry out a search at the relevant company’s registry to establish the company’s status and your authority. A separate charge will be made for this.

Extra Work

Sometimes we have to contact government organisations or other bodies, to confirm the validity of documents presented to our Notary London services. This is to ensure that all documents are legal and able to be signed.

From time to time, clients are not clear about what they need because they have received papers from abroad and the accompanying instructions are not precise. We then have to liaise with the overseas lawyers or recipients to make sure that their requirements are dealt with properly.

We often have to amend the documents to suit the circumstances. We may also have to add a separate certificate to a document to help clarify matters.

All this can take time and in some circumstances there will be additional fees to reflect the additional work. However all charges will be confirmed prior to carrying out the work, so you will be consistently kept updated as to our fees.


All documents notarised in England must be in English or accompanied by a full and accurate English translation. If you need us to obtain the translation, we will enquire about the services of a professional translator and advise you of the extra charge to be paid in advance.

Certifying Copy Documents

When certifying copies of original documents the Notary must see the original. As such, we cannot certify copies of documents.

Please note that under UK law it is forbidden to photocopy a British birth, marriage or death certificate, because the Crown holds the copyright for them. If you need copies of any of those certificates, you should obtain them from the General Register Office: If you have been asked to legalise any of these documents we can arrange to do this for you.


Notary Services


Most countries require notarised documents to be legalised with an ‘apostille’, which is obtained from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), pursuant to the Hague Convention of 1961. The FCO will charge £30.00 for each document.

Some countries still require documents to be legalised by their own consulates in addition to, or in place of, the FCO legalisation. Some countries, most notably Arabic countries also require legalisation by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce. They all charge different fees and their procedures may vary.

Please note that the notarisation may be ineffective if the receiving country requires legalisation but it is not done. You should therefore ensure that you check with the recipient of the documents that there is no legislation to follow, or that it has already been dealt with. The Notary will always confirm what type of legalisation is required to ensure the document is effective in the receiving country, as well as the charges and a time scale in this regard.

Please note that we can organise and obtain the legalisation for you and there is an admin fee of £75 plus VAT per document, although the fee will be confirmed at your Notary London appointment.

Our Work

Notarisation is not just ‘witnessing a signature’. Notaries are public officials, authorised by the Royal Assent to confirm the authenticity and validity of acts and documents for international purposes. Documents prepared or certified by Notaries are relied on by Governments, Courts, Embassies, Companies, Lawyers and Individuals anywhere in the world. We therefore have a strict duty to make sure that what is being done is legitimate and that our clients have the relevant authority to sign the document. As well as signing, sealing, stamping and securing the documents, we have to register and keep a permanent record of every document we deal with and may be called on by officials to produce copies at any time in the future. This will not incur any additional charges to you.

Our Charges

Through our Notary London services, we charge approximately £80 for notarising a single standard document that has already been fully prepared for signature. For all extra work, including travelling and waiting time if we are asked to attend a notarisation away from our office, our charge will be based on the time taken at the Notary’s standard rate, which will be confirmed upon enquiry.

Please note that that all charges must be paid in full before we take the documents for legalisation and before the notarised documents are released to you.

Payment is to be in Pounds Sterling and can be made by:

  • Cash, With An Upper Limit Of £400.
  • Cheques
  • Debit Card (No Surcharge)
  • Credit Card (We Have To Make A 2% Surcharge For Credit Cards)
  • Bank Transfers In Advance


By law we must add VAT onto our Notarial service fees. The government may change the VAT rate from time to time.


We can often see clients on short notice, but as the Notary may be out of the office or fully booked with appointments, it is best to telephone the office to make a suitable appointment to ensure you do not have to wait.


In England and Wales, Notaries are regulated by the Faculty office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. You can see details here:
The Law Society and the Solicitors Regulation Authority have no jurisdiction whatsoever over Notarial work and practice, even if the Notary is also a solicitor.

Contact The Notary Public SATBIR KAUR SETHI at or speak to the Notary on 020 8646 4885


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