Administration of Oaths: Swearing an Oath

There are occasions when you may require an Oath to be administered. Usually Swearing an Oath would be requested in relation to a personal matter. You will often be given the document that you need swearing that we will have you sign under Oath. At Preuveneers, we are able to offer Administration of Oaths and Swearing an Oath to our clients.

An Oath is a binding promise you make as God being your witness. At Preuveneers, we house a number of religious scriptures in our office for Swearing an Oath on the Religious Scripture of your own choice, you can be honest to yourself and to your God. We will ask you to place your hand on your chosen religious scripture and repeat some words that we will explain to you.

Administration of Oaths

Administer Oaths

We understand that you may be confused about the administration of Oaths if you are not religious. Therefore, if you are not religious, or Swearing an Oath on a religious scripture is simply something you would prefer not to do for any reason whatsoever, we will Administer an Affirmation for you. This is a declaration made by you, which can be used in place of the swearing of an Oath. Both the Oath and the Affirmation have equal value and one does not have more legal weight than the other.


Why Would You Need Administration Of Oaths?

Swearing an Oath / Affirmation may be needed in relation to the following:

  • Court Documents such as a Witness Statement or Divorce papers
  • Change of Name Deed Poll
  • Statutory Declaration of any sort
  • Affidavit of any sort
  • Power of Attorney alongside power of attorney solicitors London
  • Appointing a Deputy
  • Police Notice or Penalty Charge
  • Pawn Broker receipt
  • Any many more…


It may be that you have not been given the Oath document that needs to be sworn upon. If this is the case then we will prepare the document for you. If you need the document prepared, please let us know in advance so that we can discuss the procedure for you, which will depend on what document you need and for what purpose it is needed.

Generally, you will not need an appointment when Swearing an Oath / Affirmation as these are quick jobs which take up to 10 minutes to complete.

Please note that you must bring your ID with you when Swearing an Oath and we will need to see your original Passport or Photo Driving Licence with Counterpart. In addition to this, we will need to see proof of your address by way of a recent bank statement or recent utility bill. If you do not have the correct ID please call us in advance so that we can arrange for alternative documents to complete the ID check for you.

For Swearing an Oath or Affirmation, please attend the office, call on 0208 646 4885 or email us at If you would like to find out more information or have personal questions you need answered about the administration of Oaths, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.



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