Civil Litigation

You may have a dispute with someone, which is dragging on and does not look like a settlement is possible. The dispute could be with a friend, a family member which requires family solicitors London, a business partner, neighbour or someone else. We understand that the idea of taking someone to Court is a big decision which often costs a lot of money.

Litigation Services

Preuveneers LLP has been involved in Litigation since the Firm started in 1978 and has a very good record of settling matters before the need to go to Court arises. We have experience in negotiating settlements and getting matters sorted out. We will initially try and keep the matter from the court door to keep costs down for you however this is not always possible.

If all negotiations do fail, many chose to give up at this stage. Not us though. If a case is worth fighting we will take it to Court and ensure Justice is done. We will talk to you and advice you of the cost implications and all other options so that you can make an informed decision. We will always advise you to strongly consider all of the options available.

If you chose to commence proceedings, we will work through the litigation procedure and ensure you know exactly what everything means and what the time scales are and what the implications for you are.

Second Opinion? Counsel’s Advice

We sometimes recommend getting an opinion on the merits of your case or suggestions on how to strengthen your case from a Barrister who is also known as Counsel. Although this is an additional cost, in most cases it is considered to be money well spent as you will receive detailed advice on the merits of your case, which can be relied upon when deciding whether to take the matter to court or not.


Please contact us to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your concerns. We offer a fixed fee consultation for 20 minutes at a cost of £50 + Vat. This is usually enough time in which to get an overview of your situation and to offer you advice and give you a quote for our legal service. Should you require more time for a more complex issue this can be arranged. If you do instruct us then you will not be charged for the fixed fee consultation.

If you require more information or if you would like to discuss your matter please contact Satbir Sethi on 020 8646 4885 or email her at

For details on the conveyancing proceed please see: Conveyancing Stages

Please note the prevailing rate of VAT is currently 20%.

Quotes for conveyancing are charged on a fixed basis unless confirmed otherwise.

A timescale for a conveyancing transaction very much depends on factors such as if there is a chain, mortgage, the speed in which the parties raise or deal with enquiries. There is no guarantee in respect of timings. However in average we anticipate 6-10 weeks fit a freehold sale/purchase and 8-12 weeks for a leasehold/shared ownership sale or purchase. We will provide further updates throughout your transaction to give you a better indication of timelines on your individual matter.


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