We understand that family problems can cause emotional complications, anxiety, anger and stress. At Preuveneers LLP we try to steer you through this difficult time by offering our professional services throughout the divorce process. At first, we always try and resolve problems amicably in order to avoid litigation and costs to you and we try and encourage parties to take a step back and make a decision that is reasonable. We always try our best to ensure that all parties take their emotions out of the matter at hand, so that the right decisions can be made relating to finances or children during the divorce process.


Matrimonial And Family Matters

Our firm has been dealing with family matters since it first started in 1978 and as a result, we have gained plenty of experience in representing both husbands, wives and civil partners with their separation or divorce process. We also specialise in resolving disagreements about the matrimonial finances via out of court settlements as well as settlements at court. What’s more, our family matters solicitors deal with cases where contact with children is the main issue or a side issue attached to other matters. We are used to regularly dealing with domestic violence cases and are able to deal with these cases sensitively whilst ensuring that you receive all that is due to you. We also ensure that every legal step is explained to you so that you can decide what your next steps will be.

Many clients come to us expecting us to put in motion divorce proceedings. However, if we feel that there is a possibility of reconciliation, we will assist you in obtaining assistance to try and save the marriage, but this will only happen if you believe there is hope.

We deal with “out of court settlements” frequently, and indeed we encourage them. These may benefit you as you save the time it takes to take the matter through court, as well as legal fees and emotional stress that such proceedings carry. If a fair settlement can be reached, we will do all we can to achieve this, so your family matters are solved as seamlessly as possible. We can then advise you on the division of matrimonial assets, contact arrangements for the children or perhaps whether a proposal you have received from your spouse is fair.

Although we usually prefer to meet our clients in person and establish a relationship with them, it is not always possible for clients to come to the office in person due to work or other commitments. In these cases, we can take instructions over the telephone and email, but we will need to complete an identity check which can take place at a place and time convenient to you. For more information about this, please contact our office as we will tailor a procedure that works for you.

Domestic Violence

If you have been the victim of domestic violence, we can assist you during this upsetting and distressing time. We ensure that every legal step is explained to you so that you can decide what your next steps will be. We can obtain a non-molestation order, with a power of arrest to ensure that you have the legal right to stop the violence, or an occupation order to ensure that your spouse cannot attend the property you live at. We can also obtain a prohibited steps order to ensure your children are not taken out of your care, without your consent and our family matters solicitors will do all that is legally possible to put in place orders to protect you. We can also assist you if you feel your spouse is using the legal process against you. Whether the domestic process has started during the divorce process, or it has been continuous throughout your relationship, we will help you regardless.


The courts always prefer mum and dad to be able to work out the future arrangements for the children of the family. However, should an agreement not be possible, then we can help you work something out, with or without the court’s intervention. Family matters can be very intricate and complicated, but we will work with you and support you to come to try and come to an answer that everyone agrees on.


Aaron can advise you on the procedure which you may need should you and your spouse be unable to agree on how to divide the family assets. We can recommend whether you should make an application for the court to intervene. Likewise, we can also advise you on how to respond should your spouse have made an application against you during the divorce process.

Consent Order

If we need the Court to intervene, it may be to settle some differences or to set in place a realistic timetable to force both parties to “lay their cards on the table”. We can negotiate a settlement that is favourable to you and have the terms put into a Consent Order which can be sealed at court, making the order binding, in the same way that a Judgement would be.

By having a consent order made by a judge means that you can avoid the additional stress from visiting the court during the divorce process. This will only be put in place if both parties agree on a financial settlement. The consent order will demonstrate to the course how you intend to split assets between yourself and your ex-partner, and the consent order can include details on family matters, such as child arrangements.


Please note that we do not deal with Legal Aid matters. Our fees range from £150 plus VAT an hour to £200 plus VAT an hour. Please be aware that you may also need to pay Court fees and pay for the services of a barrister. We have experience of instructing many barristers and will always seek your approval to the barrister who may best suit your need and your budget.

Please contact us to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your issues. We offer a 20-minute consultation for £50 + Vat. This is usually enough time for us to get an overview of your matter and to offer you advice to move forward as well as give you a realistic estimate of our fees. If you do instruct us, then the consultation will be free, and no charges will be made.

Overview Of The Divorce Process

Client’s often ask how long the divorce will take, which is an awful question for us to answer as the truthful answer is, “it depends”, which isn’t the most helpful response. There is a flowchart below which shows you the process and the time frame it takes to go through the divorce process. Although, please note that many factors could affect the timescales, so all we can do is promise to keep you up-to-date and give you realistic timescales wherever possible. We will not make promises to timescales which we cannot keep, but we will keep you informed at all times and keep your divorce moving whilst protecting your interests all the way.



For further information or to discuss your family matters please call Satbir Sethi on 020 8646 4885 or email her on


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