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As specialists in shared ownership property, we are proud to offer our expertise as panel solicitors in all shared ownership cases. We are recommended across a number of housing associations for shared ownership properties in South London and the surrounding areas, with plenty of experience amongst our staff in order to navigate the complexities of your shared ownership documentation and more.

As shared ownership solicitors London, we also aim to ensure that each of our clients has a smooth conveyancing experience with us, regardless of the housing association from which you are looking to sell, staircase or purchase. We are often engaged at the start of any development with many shared ownership solicitors London processes, so rest assured that we are prepared to offer expertise and legal support utilising our experience in conveyancing to its fullest.

Why Choose Our Shared Ownership Solicitors London?

Due to the volume of shared ownership matters that our shared ownership solicitors London deal with, we have the necessary experience from which to operate through conveyancing and other shared ownership property-related concerns. Our shared ownership solicitors London are able to cover a range of different issues within shared ownerships, as follows:


When initially purchasing your first shared ownership property, there are often time constraints you need to operate within, usually as little as 28 days. Navigating what seems like complex paperwork within this time frame, particularly without assistance, may seem to be impossible. With our shared ownership solicitors London by your side, you can rest assured that you’ll have the expert support that you need. We work closely with housing associations specialising in shared ownership properties in and around London on a regular basis. For this reason, we are able to reach the 28-day deadline, act within legalities specific to you and your new property and ensure this is all completed within your best interests. Our team of experienced and specialised solicitors will ensure that your legal matters are dealt with the utmost respect, so you can be sure that your case is professionally solved.

Shared Ownership Properties


This is an odd phrase used for purchasing extra percentages in your shared ownership lease. For example, it you are purchasing a further 10% or the remaining balance of the property, we are able to assist you in this secondary transaction. Staircasing must often be completed within just three months of valuation, failing which you need a new valuation, or the price could go up. As a result, our shared ownership solicitors London understand the importance of meeting this timeframe and are therefore able to complete all staircasing matters within the time frame allowed.


When it comes to selling a shared ownership lease there are certain complexities within the agreement. This will need to be looked at, understood, and clearly thought through before you can place your property on the open market. The housing association do have the first right of refusal, by way of surrendering the lease back to them or they can opt to find you a purchaser for the property. This is, of course, subject to agreeing a sale at market value for you. If the housing association fail to assist you within an adequate time, then you can place the property on the open market yourself.

You can either sell the actual percentage that you own or 100% of your shared ownership property. To sell more than you own, our shared ownership solicitors in South London will arrange simultaneous staircasing, which means that you complete the staircasing and the sale at the same time and in the same timeframe of just a sale.

For more information regarding how our shared ownership solicitors London can help, or if you need advice from our probate solicitors London, please call our Specialist, Kelly Cirillo, in our Mitcham office, on 020 8646 4885 or email her at

For details on the conveyancing proceed please see: Conveyancing Stages

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Quotes for conveyancing are charged on a fixed basis unless confirmed otherwise.

A timescale for a conveyancing transaction very much depends on factors such as if there is a chain, mortgage, the speed in which the parties raise or deal with enquiries. There is no guarantee in respect of timings. However in average we anticipate 6-10 weeks fit a freehold sale/purchase and 8-12 weeks for a leasehold/shared ownership sale or purchase. We will provide further updates throughout your transaction to give you a better indication of timelines on your individual matter.


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